Interested in Writing? Come to Our Monthly Writers' Group!

Next Meeting: October 10, 2017 7:00pm

This month our Penn & Paper writers group is thrilled to welcome
Sherri Wood Emmons, author of Prayers and Lies, The Sometimes Daughter,
The Weight of Small Things, and The Seventh Mother.

Sherri graduated from Earlham College and is the mother of
three grown children. She lives in Indianapolis with her husband,
two fat beagles, and four spoiled cats.

[September 8, 2017] This month we discussed our favorite characters. What made them memorable? Did they surprise or challenge us? Show sides of humanity rarely seen? Introduce us to new views we hadn't thought of? Expand our experience (or our reality) in new ways? We had a great conversation with a huge range of favorite characters. We also provided feedback for one group member who is preparing to submit a newly written piece. Next month we'll be taking a look at Truth and Voice--in other writers' projects and in our own. Come join us!

[August 11, 2017] This month we had a great conversation about our favorite writers and their personal writing processes. We learned that some writers write at all hours, some in very specific timeframes. Some need multiple packs of cigarettes or pots of coffee; others need the sparseness of a hotel room (and then they go home to their family in the evenings). We learned about the process of mystery writers, literary writers, nonfiction writers, and more. Next month we'll be exploring the topic of character development. We hope you'll join us!

[July 14, 2017] This month we had a good discussion about the type of group we want to be. Originally the intention for the group was to provide a sense of community, inspiration, and support for writers of all ability levels. Some attenders asked whether we'd be reading our original work and inviting feedback, and it was decided that our group would focus mostly on inspiration, process, and support, but provide space for those who would like feedback on current writing. We also brainstormed a list of topics attenders were interested in learning more about, and put together a calendar for upcoming meetings. You can view the topic schedule by clicking here.

[June 9, 2017] Another great group! This time we had 10 people (three new, and three regular group members who were traveling), and we explored the presence of ritual in our writing and considered the rituals and schedules of specific popular writers. We also had a good conversation on the various types of progress we're making, watched a wonderful and insightful video of Ursula K. Le Guin and a short writing tip video from Salman Rushdie. We finished off the evening with several people reading paragraphs from their original work. We hope you'll join us in July! Please email with any questions.

[May 13, 2017] We had a great first "Penn & Paper" writers' group meeting! Eleven people attended and our conversation ranged from
experience to inspiration to our hopes and goals for writing moving forward. It was a heart-warming and encouraging first meeting!
We hope you will join us for our next group, Friday, June 9, at 7:00pm! Question? Contact Katherine at

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